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2019 Bass Gear Guide Pt 1

26 of our favourite baits and terminal gear we saw at the 2019 South African Tackle Trade Expo.

LiveTarget Hollow Body Crawfish

The LIVETARGET Crawfish Jig combines a hollow body bait with all the features of a great jig to create one of the most realistic crawfish imitations we have ever seen. This one is going to be great on the Vaal River and those big bass factories up north.

Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider

The Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider is definitely not for the self diagnosed Arachnophobes, but we hear big bass are a fan. Developed for dock dwellers on many US lakes, this ultra realistic spider imitation features a hollow body construction with durable legs that move independently when twitched on the surface.

McArthy’s new range of Bass Specific Baits

McArthy Buzz’n Frog
McArthy Gambit
McArthy Slinky
McArthy Tiddler

Sensational Angling Supplies have taken on the distribution of McArthy Baits, which are manufactured specifically for our conditions and offer great quality combined with affordability.

Berkley Powerbait The Champ HD Series

The 4.6″ Champ Swimmer.
The 3.5″ The Champ Minnow, perfect for dropshot or light weightless presentations.
The 3.5″ Champ Craw is a big profiled craw imitation in a compact package.

The new Berkley Powerbait Champ series of softbaits have been meticulously designed to two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jordan Lee’s exacting specifications and features anatomically correct profiles and Berkley’s proprietary HD Tru Color realistic colour patterns. The series includes the 4.6″ Champ Swimmer, 3.4″ Champ Jerk Minnow and the 3.5 The Champ Craw.


Kingfisher introduced the new Daiwa PROREX range of blade and hardbaits, which includes their own take on a vibrating jig – TG Bladed Jig, PX spinnerbait, Toddler Crank mid running squarebill and the Pencil SS a finesse pencil style bait.

Berkley Powerbait Power Jerk Shad New Colours

The Power Jerk Shad sees two new colours added to the lineup: Hi vis Bubble Gum and the ultra natural Rainbow.

Berkley Spy

Berkley introduced their budget friendly spybait available in 10 fish catching colours.

Berkley Fusion Swing Heads, Weighted Wacky & Underspin

Berkley have expanded their popular Fusion hook range into a lineup of weighted Wacky, Underspin and their unique swing head jig.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Finesse Jig Heads

Eagle Claw joined the NED Rig craze with the addition of their Finnese Jig Heads, which feature Eagle Claw’s Pro-V-Bend Hooks to keep fish pinned without leveraging the weight of the head.

Zoom Beat Down

Zoom’s latest finesse worm, the Beat Down pairs well with Ned, Neko and even Wacky style rigs.

Z-Man Giant TRD Worm & Mag ShroomZ

Super size your NED game this season with the 6″ Mega TRD and ShroomZ combo. Perfect when targeting bigger bass under pressured or post frontal conditions.

Berkley Powerbait Straight Money Worm & The Deal

Berkley have carefully expanded the Powerbait range to match a range of techniques from ultra finesse rigging applications of the Straight Money Worm to The Deal, a versatile bait that can be fished like a swimbait, added to the back of a bladed jig or pitched into cover.

14 new colours in Zoom’s Super Fluke Range for 2019

If there’s a colour you might have been dreaming that Zoom would one day create, today is that day. Here are their 14 new colours in no particular order: Plum Apple, Tilapia Magic, Scuppernong Green, Motoroil Red, Scuppernong Green, Purple Passion, Castaic Choice, Watermelon Slice Green Flash, Watermelon Moondust, Scuppernong Candy, Goosebery, Watermelon Violet, Smoke Purple.

Rapala Rip Stop Minnow

Normark Africa added the deep diving version of Rapala’s popular Rip Stop Minnow to their 2019 lineup.

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