A Meal? It’s Worth Far More Than That!

With no fancy intro required, just take a look at the accompanying image. It’s a Largemouth Yellowfish, universally regarded as South Africa’s premier freshwater game fish, caught in the Orange River, butchered and ready for the table. No doubt its captor is quite proud of such a phenomenal catch, and for sure he and his family should enjoy more than one meal from it.

From a purely subsistence point of view it is a great catch, but in reality it is just that, and only that – one dead fish and one meal. It has no more value to anyone; in addition there is another, tragic consequence, namely that it is forever removed from the gene pool and can never breed again.
How different the scenario would have been had this fish – still alive – been seen with a visiting sportsman proudly posing with it for a photo. It would have been released for another angler to experience the exhilaration of hooking into it with rod and reel, for it is a glamour trophy fish. Sport anglers pay for such experiences, they are willing to travel and gladly pay for the privilege of targeting such fish. And herein lies the real value of that fish – it is the reason sport anglers travel the world to match their wits and skill against such magnificent animals.

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