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Amazing Winter Action At Roodekoppies Dam

By: Gilbert Foxcroft

I recently hosted a Carp Angling Clinic at Roodekoppies Dam with the aim of helping struggling anglers to achieve success during the Roodekoppies Winter Bonanza one week later. During the course of the Clinic weekend I decided to again opt for a “plain approach” I used several months ago when fishing the SA Carp Masters Tournament: I drilled 4mm into a large tiger nut and fitted an 8mm piece of red high density foam into the drilled out hole with 4mm exposed. This bait presentation enabled a critically balanced bait, neutralising the weight of the hook and hooklink, ensuring that the hook ended up in the middle of the bottom lip every time. The presentation was finished off by dipping the bait into Thaumatin liquid and leaving it a minute or so to dry before dropping it in my chosen spot in a silt pocket at range. My results were almost instant and within hours all 4 my rods produced fish to 12,05kg.

My son Neil with a good looking Common of 6,50kg.

I did not feed a lot, as a matter of fact, I used only one scoop of this mix over each hookbait every time a bait was placed into 8.1m of water onto the silt pockets as done the previous weekend.

Soon the Winter Bonanza was upon us and I decided to again opt for my approach of the previous weekend using one big XXL Tiger nut and cutting the top and bottom pieces off, drilling 4mm out of the top and fitting an 8mm piece of red high density foam into the gap with another 4mm exposed and then dipping it into Thaumatin sweet liquid solution.
My chosen helicopter lead set-up.
Thomas de Wet with a 12,05kg fish caught on my left-hand rod.
My choice of bait was ever so simple and consisted mainly of Hemp, Maize and a few Tiger nuts, topped with a generous amount of coarse salt.
My XXL Tiger Nut hookbaits.

The results were amazing indeed. The runs began as soon as it started getting light on Saturday morning and continued until after 22h00 in the evening.

Bitterly cold, but the fish were feeding – this one weighed in at 11,89kg.
Two fish from a triple take.
Two more fish from a hectic 4-fish run in just a few seconds.

Although we tried helping the anglers on our left to get at least a fish, the fact is that they fed way too much at the start of the competition; they also dropped their baits onto the hard gravel bottom where the fish did not want to feed. The runs were coming so fast at times that all 4 rods ran almost simultaneously, and before we knew it we were fighting 4 fish at the same time. As soon as the baits were re-positioned, it would all happen again! We had no fewer than 52 runs on my 4 rods for the day at an average weight of 9,91kg per fish, topped with the biggest fish of 13,71kg.

This is by far the best and most prolific session I have ever experienced at Roodekoppies Dam.

The most successful rig was the IQ D-Rig using a size 2 Korda Curve Shank hook and 24cm of 20lb Korda IQ2 hooklink material.

13,71kg Roodekoppies beauty.
Father and son with yet another double take. In the background another fight from take number 3 in just a few seconds.
Another stunner with even more fish being fought in the background.
And the takes continued – 11,32kg