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ANGLING BUSINESS NEWS: New Trade Show in Europe Announced

Of interest to both the primary and secondary recreational fishing business sectors in South Africa is the announcement by the UK-based angling publication, Angling International, that it has “responded to demands from the tackle trade “ by launching a new trade show in Europe, namely the first ever Angling International LIVE show, ‘HUNGEXPO’ to take place in Budapest from 26 to 28 September.(registration is open right now.)

The show will fill the gap in the calendar left by the EFTTEX trade show, which will now focus on growing membership and its lobbying work in the European Parliament. 

Rob Carter, the owner of Angling International, says that following on conversations with angling businesses in Europe and around the world, “it quickly became clear that the industry wants a trade show in Europe, and people trust Angling International to deliver it. So that is what we are going to do.” The September dates are because the majority of exhibitors say that it is the best time to talk to retailers about products for the new season, and that it will focus on growing attendance by targeting the widest possible trade audience.

Carter says that the intention is to “drive home the message that Europe has a new show and everyone connected to the trade is invited.”

Exhibitors will be able to take advantage of added-value packages combining booth space with promotions on other Angling International platforms. Carter emphasizes that the show is “not just a three-day event,” but a “six-month marketing opportunity for exhibitors”.

South African importers/retailers interested can Register for Angling International LIVE here to receive updates and to be among the first exhibitors to select a booth at the HUNGEXPO.

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