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Bass Fishing in South Africa

Gareth Coombs is well known to staff and regular readers of The Bassangler magazine. His specialist field being the scientific side of this facet of fishing.

The title in itself is mystifying to me, as I tried in vain to narrow the text down to how it would only apply to bass in South Africa.  The excellent photography was done here, but surely the principles would also apply in the USA, Zimbabwe and even the Venetian Canals?

But this is really only nitpicking. No mere relaying of his own perception, however experienced he is at bassing, the book delves deeply into the well-researched, scientific aspects of the  sport. This is done under chapters dealing with subjects such as Sensory Environment, Water Conditions and Scent, amongst others.

The good news, though is that this information is relayed in a concise, applicable and easily understood fashion by the writer. Any basser can refer to the book by chapter or subject, rather than have to start at the beginning and read to the end.

As such, it is recommended for anyone who fishes for bass, not only as a true textbook for the less experienced, but also as an excellent source of reference for brushing up. Not to mention an excellent gift and coffee table book.

– Martin Engelke, Senior Writer, The Bass Angler.

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