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Statement by Mr Craig Fraser, SABAA President,14 January 2022

On 26 March 2022, Mpumalanga Parks and Tourist Agency (MPTA) in conjunction with Forever Resorts Loskop Dam will be running a bass competition.

To carry out their mandate of conserving the province’s indigenous species MPTA will ensure that only bass under 500 grams that are caught and culled qualify for prizes.

SASACC, SABAA and SAALAA through continued consultation with MPTA, endorse both the tagging programme and this particular event. MPTA will achieve a prerequisite of biomass reduction of bass at this event.

This event will in itself achieve both MPTA’s  and SABAA’s objectives: MPTA – control of alien species; SABAA – ensure that Loskop remains and becomes an even better trophy bass destination.

We would rather see a controlled event of this nature annually than other methods that have prevailed in the past.

MPTA will receive financial assistance from SABAA’s Conservation Fund to support the ongoing bass tagging programme instituted by the MPTA.

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