CAMP MASTER: The Mega 800 Camping Chair

Product Review

Camping chairs and the choice of the correct one to suit one’s physique is a personal one, almost like rods and reels. Camp Master caught onto that and hence made a chair for everyone, with unique features to suit every need. The Mega 800 is one of those that you must use for a while to actually realize how well they actually applied their minds to even the smallest detail. Every time you look closely, you see more beyond the obvious.

At a glance it looks like a standard folding camping chair, but if you look closely, the details will amaze you. The padded, high-quality fabric makes for durability and comfort, while the frame is sturdy and strong and design to hold 120kg with ease. Although it is specified as 120kg, it is my opinion that even the heavier guys do not need to be too concerned.

A camping chair without space for your tumbler or coffee mug is always an issue. Most of the chairs nowadays built that feature into the armrest and so solved that problem. However, every night around the campfire when a wine bottle makes its appearance the wineglass now needs a place. How many times have we put a wine glass in the coffee mug’s space only to see in falling over or spilling – all due to the wine glass’ unique design. Camp Master sorted this out with a dual-purpose design. What a blessing!

Now here they really got creative – look at this for a while and think about what you see …

When you take the chair out of the bag it is always an issue of where to put it, and by the time you are packing away after the outing, the bag is nowhere to be found. Now they have a neat pouch in which to store the bag, and it can even hold your favourite magazine.

But, look closely and you’ll see another interesting feature. The height of the armrest at the back is always an issue and never at the ”right” level. They solved this issue by providing easily adjustable straps so that you can set it to suit your own physique. Quite a clever little feature.

Then the issue of storing some of your personals while around the campfire. Cellphone, lighter, cigarettes, power bank, charger and so on are some of those things that you need to have close, but not necessarily in your hand. Here they added a handy pouch hanging from the side of your chair – within reach, safe and secure.

Lastly, packing, storing and protecting your latest acquisition is as easy as folding it and putting it in a neat bag, featuring a pull-string and a shoulder strap for functional use.


The Mega 800 is a light-weight, strong and sturdy but comfortable chair, of medium size that can handle some heavier weights, featuring a few well-thought out solutions to typical challenges that camping anglers are faced with, while folding and storing neatly and taking up very little space.

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