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Obey Our Closed Shad (Elf) Season!

1 October – 31 November

If you want to go catch shad (“elf” if you live in the Cape) you’d better do so this weekend, because on Tuesday, 1 October the shad closed season starts.

It opens again on 1 December. Until then you’re not even allowed to use a shad as bait, dead or alive. Indeed, you’re not allowed to even fish for them!

And remember, no matter how “on” they are off your particular beach, the bag limit is 4 per person per day! 

Arguably shad is one of, if not the, most popular species along our coast. Years ago when the closed season and bag limit was imposed there was a huge outcry, but the scientist have been proven correct as stocks have improved immensely. Also remember that shad is a no-sale allowed species in KZN.

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