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Johann Beukes crowned Pro Mania Angler of the Year ahead of the Final

The Pro Mania Series is the largest freshwater bankangling tournament trail in South Africa. During the course of the year many tournaments are held throughout the country and the competition is tough. Everybody competes for a place in the Top 50, which can then be the gateway to the final if you are one of the 15 best. The ultimate measure of of success during the year is BMT%, or in other words relative results compared to the rest. Only three anglers obtained a full score of 100%, and the one with the highest accumulative purse of winnings, in all competitions running up to the finals, is crowned Angler of the year. The honour was bestowed upon Johann Beukes for his perfect score and highest winnings.

Johann Beukes is crowned Pro Mania Angler of the year. Schalk van Breda and Wynand Botes hands over the award.

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