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Bass AnglerNews

Junior Lands Biggest Bass At Inanda Fish Off


19 Major Bass members, 10 men, 6 ladies and 3 juniors attended the January Fish Off at Inanda, where 8 year old Thomas Stephens landed the biggest bass, and his PB, a magnificent fish of 3,510kg.

The dam was at 71% and appeared to be filling slowly but steadily. The weather was excellent with very hot temperatures on both days with the water temperature at around 28ºC – some members even showed symptoms of heatstroke!

The winners: (L-R): Eldred Koekemoer, Kobus Cronje, Annette Ground and Ken Ground. Front: Thomas Stephens.

 At the captain’s meeting the fishing time for Saturday was set to start at 09:00 with final lines up at 18:30, and from 04:00 until 12:00on the Sunday.


First Overall – Eldred Koekemoer with 10.95 points; Second Overall – Kobus Cronje with 10.59 points; Third Overall – Harry Adamson with 10.26 points; Fourth overall, the coveted Rose Bowl– Ken Ground with 9.90 points; First Lady – Annette Ground with 9.32 points, First Junior – Thomas Stephens.

*The next Fish-Off will be held at Nagel Dam on the first weekend of February, subject to the findings of a recce to the dam to determine if it will work as a venue for Major Bass. Should

Nagel not be suitable, Inanda will again be fished. Members will be advised.

Junior winner, 8 –year old Thomas Stephens with the biggest fish of the weekend and his PB , a beautiful bass of 3.510kg. IMAGE: Brad Stephens.

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