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Mainline Baits Now In The Kingfisher Stable

The Kingfisher in Durban has acquired the South African agency for Mainline Baits. Specimen Carp Angling has enjoyed significant growth over the past few years, but especially for The Kingfisher over the past 18 months or so as they have taken great strides into the specimen market with brands such as Daiwa, Korda and Delkim.

Now with Mainline Baits they have aligned themselves with the UK trends where Korda, Daiwa, Delkim and Mainline compliment one another quite beautifully. Mainline Baits is one of the biggest carp bait companies in Europe that produces baits covering every field of Carp Fishing – a variety of iconic Boilies in 1kg and 3kg re-sealable packets to dedicated hook bait pop-ups, wafters and soluble hook baits to pellets, stick mixes, spod mixes, boilie base mixes, liquid enhancers, flavours and liquid syrups. Behind all these marvellous products The Kingfisher also has a team of expert Carp Anglers who are at the ready to assist and teach newcomers to Carp angling about the right way to fish Carp rigs, bait presentations and methods.

These anglers are a great help in general and play a big part in the success of getting the word out in the market. Mainline Baits also have a vast range of Baits an Apparel, consisting of 369 line items that cover all bases and cater for almost every angler needs and wants. Look out for this massive range of shelf-life baits in your local tackle shop at prices very close to the market related pricing on offer in the UK.

The Kingfisher policy is to offer their customers the best possible price, price and quality at all times, and the assurance of a company set to grow freshwater angling at a steady pace.

*All Mainline Baits will be available in retail stores except the Freezer Range (for obvious reasons). The Kingfisher has identified an bait making service who will be manufacturing freezer quality baits using the Mainline Baits ingredients as done in the UK, so this avenue have been covered for South African Carpers as well.

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