As some readers might have deduced from my writings over the years, I am a bit of an activist when it comes to issues that affect our recreational fishing world. I am a dab hand when it comes to pointing out signs emanating from politicians and also Nature itself that represent even a slight possible threat to our angling world.
Perhaps it is my continual wavering between pessimism and optimism, regarding the dam as either “half empty” or “half full”. For sure it is quite easy, considering the various and puzzling situations in which we as citizens find ourselves in 2022, to have the optimism that is inherent in the psychological make up of all anglers give way to a bit of pessimism. For sure, drought conditions that still exists in parts, water shortages and pollution, load shedding and the uncertain state of the country’s economy does not make it easy to maintain a positive, optimistic outlook regarding our prospects for the summer months that lie ahead.

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