5 New Sensation Rods on review

WORDS: Werner Lubbe | IMAGES & VIDEO: Jessica de Villiers

Sensational Angling Supplies, known as “Sensation” in the market, continues with its policy of continuous improvement and evolution that is especially prevalent in their new improved range of bank angling rods. The company has also managed to successfully integrate the different brands such as Sensation and Okuma. 

We had an opportunity to review a selection of 12ft rods across the model range starting with the ‘Carp Trend’ and ‘Longbow’, all the way up to the ‘Rocket’, ‘Premier’ and ‘DC Super Lite’.

The best way to review rods is to go casting with them, and what better to do this than inviting a few young guns who can really bend a rod! That is exactly what we did and we took off to Koppies Dam to bend some rods.

Here follows a summary of the performance of the rods. Take note that the wind was blowing and kept changing direction, so please accept these as a relative indication of the performance.

The most significant observation is that rod selection is extremely personal, and not the same applies to each angler. We saw various performances, based on the angler’s style, strength and hand speed. We concluded though that the range is well selected and that it spreads across all anglers’ needs. We have reviewed only five 12ft rods – there are quite a few more, but these are the latest and we are pretty impressed. In a nutshell, here are the most prevalent features of each rod. 

NOTE: At the bottom of the article is the link to the video, as well as a table with the casting distances.


The Carp Trend, with a casting weight rate of 100g, is supposedly an entry level rod, but the specs suggest much more than that. Both the look and feel is at a much higher level, with the 24-ton carbon blank performing extremely well. The low rider guides with silver double frame, looks good and performs well. The 3.4lbs test curve gives a softer cast and better hookhold, without taking away too much distance. The rod is forgiving in the cast and you can constantly hit the spot. The DPS reel seat and cork handles with EVA trimming gives a neat aesthetic look. The rod is light in hand and should be an excellent choice for ladies and juniors, as well as a great rod for tempo fishing.


The LT is an interesting rod. In hand it feels a little heavier that the Trend, with a slower softer more parabolic action. Although the test curve spec states 3.5lbs, it feels softer. The first casts also feels as if you “go through” the rod, but when you make it work the real backbone comes through late. The reason for this behaviour is the fact that a composite graphite material has been used in manufacturing the blank. Both 30 and 36 ton carbon is used and the casting rating is given as 100g. 

It boasts low rider guides and a very impressive OPP Okuma Wrap, which integrates the Okuma brand into the rod blank. The small cork grips with EVA trimming look good and the tapered bottom handle is comfortable. 


The Rocket 12ft is manufactured using 36 Ton carbon which makes the rod very fast and sturdy. It needs to be loaded to get good distance and is rated 25-100g. The rod itself weighs in at 365g and has a test curve rating of 3.65lbs.
The Low Rider Titanium Oxide Guides on a Stainless-steel frame reduces friction and enables effortless casting. The minimalistic and stylish natural cork grips round off the rod nicely.
We found the rod to be a serious contender in the distance casting game – anglers who like a fast tip action rod with serious backbone will just love this rod.


Built from 40 ton Toray carbon with a quick taper the Premier is clearly a different kettle of fish! The front section fits into the thicker bottom section spigot joint that provides an extremely rigid backbone which can cast quite a heavy load although it is rated at only 100g. The test curve of 3.65lbs is also a bit misleading, as the thinner tip takes the brunt of that test, whereas the bottom section provides so much punch that is feels heavier than that. 

The action is extremely fast and with enough power into the punch, this rod casts a mile. The performance matches that of many more expensive rods and definitely returns an extremely favourable value-for-money equation. 

The DPS reel seat, stylish natural cork with EVA trim and high quality low rider guides, nicely rounds off the package.


The flagship in the series did not get its name for no reason. It weighs in at only 265g but can be confidently applied to casting 85g with ease. The 46 Ton carbon used to produce this blank produced a light, slimline design that can send any line into the depths with ease. The Low Rider Aluminium Oxide guides makes for effortless casting and the Hypalon grips are well rounded with rubber cork trim.

At first glance this rod appears quite light and soft, but this blank is really superb – despite its 85g casting rating and 3.5 lbs test curve, it can really be put under a lot of casting strain. We found it extremely easy to cast, good to play fish with and light in the hand. The DC Super Lite has the “Flagship” title for good reason!


All the rods were cast using a M1.5 weight with a groundbait ball. Each reviewer had three casts using his own reel spooled with 5 and 6 pound (0.17 & 0.18mm) line.

The day was captured on the video – the real feel, comments and visuals provide all the answers.

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