NEXT LEVEL BASSING: Riprap Is Always Worth Targeting

Riprap is one of the most obvious structure types on any dam and are thus easy to locate and fish. Riprap occurs at the main wall of a dam as well as at barrier walls at the back of dams, and commonly comprises large rocks and boulders piled to prevent erosion of the dam wall. These rocky walls often don’t have an even profile and can have shelves at different depths running parallel to the wall which will determine the way I would approach them.
Why do bass relate to this feature? Riprap creates a whole mini-ecosystem by providing shelter and food for numerous organisms to live in and around. Algae and plankton collect on and around the rocks which attract invertebrates. Crabs and small baitfish in turn are attracted to these concentrations of prey which brings in the predator fish such as bass. Not all riprap is equally productive from an angling perspective, and working out where to target bass is dependent on a number of factors. I like to fish riprap on steeper banks at this time of year as ambient temperature fluctuations will be less of an issue and I always look for irregularities in the riprap.

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