NEXT LEVEL BASSING: Targeting Transition Zones In Late Winter

When the very first signs of warmer weather appear as the winter starts waning from late winter into spring, bass begin to transition from their winter refuges into shallower water. This period is often overlooked by anglers and in many cases the competitive angling season starts only after this transition period has already passed.
Transitional bass are often quite easy to target and it is a good time to catch large fish. The actual timing of when bass decide to move into transition areas varies widely, not only from dam to dam, but indeed also between largemouth and smallmouth. Ultimately the deciding factor will be water temperature. Because smallmouth are already very active at this time of year, this article focusses more on largemouth. However, you can keep in mind that smallmouth will move to staging areas prior to their spawn and can still be targeted in similar areas.

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