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Dock Talk

Dock Talk – Welcome and Welcome Back

Dock Talk – Welcome and Welcome Back

Crocodile crashes, hot bait mishaps, lost rods and 8-pounders, Golden Bass, World Records, World Champs, DIY Spybaits, Glides, cease and…
We’re World Champs Again!

We’re World Champs Again!

On the Sunday after our national bass fishing team had regained the country’s position as world champion, and also further…
Toxic Day Didn’t Suck

Toxic Day Didn’t Suck

The poster read: “Free food, baits, tackle giveaways, skateboard giveaways for the kids, limited baits for sale, good people, chill…
Take Me Killing

Take Me Killing

All purists seem to do these days is yammer on about how this tree is killing some bug, or that…
Stick it to the Tax Man

Stick it to the Tax Man

Just what has income tax to do with goin’ bassin’? Well, just how much of our taxes go to maintaining…
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