Pro Mania Rules

1. Participation

Rule 1.1


During all competitions all participants shall for the duration of the competition wear
appropriate footwear and will not be allowed to take it off. If a participant does not adhere to
this rule, he will be warned once. If the competitor commits the offence again on the same day,
he will immediately be disqualified.

Rule 1.2

An angler may withdraw before or during a competition due to physical or health circumstances and especially if he/she show symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. If an angler tested positive, was 14 days in isolation, and tested negative the second time, this angler must declare this fact on his screening questionnaire. For the safety of the other anglers, this angler must maintain 5m social distancing from all anglers.

Rule 1.3

Personal reasons:
A member may, for personal reasons, leave the angling area before the end of the competition.

2. Control

Rule 2.1

Officials will be appointed by Pro Mania’s management to regulate and control the day’s activities during Classics and the during Final. With normal Pro Mania’s, organizers will be the highest authority.

Rule 2.2

Any dispute which originates during a competition must be settled by either the organiser on a normal competition or the main official on a Classic or Final. If the involved angler/s does not agree with the decision, the fish in dispute must be weighed and this case referred to Pro Mania’s management committee. Such an appeal must be accompanied by the complete testimonies of all the persons involved.

Rule 2.3

Duration of the competition:

The duration of the competition with regards to the responsibilities of the officials and their
mandate to act in accordance to the prescribed Pro Mania angling rules, extends from the draw
in the morning until the end of the weigh-in.

3. Organization

Rule 3.1

Organisers must be registered as an organiser with Pro Mania.

Rule 3.2

Any person can join Pro Mania and any person can participate in Pro Mania fishing competitions. All competitions will be accessible to any angler, as long as they are an affiliated member of SAFBAF (to provide his/her SAFBAF nr with all entries) and provide the organizer with a filled in and signed Covid-19 screening questionnaire form.

Rule 3.3

Participation in a Pro Mania competition may be refused by Pro Mania management if the angler was previously suspended or if he made himself guilty of misconduct on any previous occasion.

Rule 3.4

Competition Bookings:
The Pro Mania management must be notified of any planned Pro Mania competition at least 5 days, thus by the Monday before 13:00, of the competition. The Pro Mania management must be informed of the location for the Pro Mania competition when the booking is made. No other Pro Mania competition may be booked on a Pro Mania Classic event.

Rule 3.5

Last event:
The last Pro Mania of the year that will be allowed to be hosted by an organizer will be two weekends before the start of the Final.

Rule 3.6

The Pro Mania management must be informed of the cancellation of a Pro Mania competition before Wednesday 12:00. Valid reasons must be provided for the cancellation of the competition.

Rule 3.7

Pro Mania reserves the right to suspend any member or organizer if he makes himself guilty of any misconduct or dishonest behavior.

Rule 3.8

Minimum participants:
A Pro Mania Competition is valid when there are at least 8 anglers present of which 5 must be Pro Mania members.

4. Duration Of Competitions

Rule 4.1

The angling time of competitions is not allowed to start before sunrise. The completion thereof after sunset is also not allowed. Angling must therefore be stopped at least one hour before sunset.

Rule 4.2

Angling period:
During Pro Mania competitions, the angling period will always strive to be eight hours. Excluding external circumstances like dangerous weather and/or special arrangements with Pro Mania’s management. Each phase of an angling period will be indicated with an audible signal. The first signal indicates the start of the official angling time. At the end of the official angling time a further signal will be given and all anglers must immediately step back from their rods. Only fish that was already struck when the signal went off may be landed and put in the keep net. After the next signal approximately one minute later, the anglers must immediately reel in their lines where after the fish will be weighed.

Rule 4.3

End of daily competition:
The daily competition is done only after the day’s catch has been weighed-in, per zone, and the fish have been released in the water.

Rule 4.4

Rule 4.4.1

Stop/start with regards to lightning:
With normal Pro Manias, the discretion to halt or stop the competition lies solely with the organiser. Not all organizers will be in possession of lightning meters, but our organizers are trained to understand that with any dangerous situation, the siren should immediately be signaled. With Pro Mania Classics and the Final, the chief official will be in possession of a lightning meter. This lightning meter is to assist the Chief Official to determine in advance if lightning or a thunderstorm is creating a dangerous situation. When the 6 to 12 mile (9.6 to 19.2 kilometers) indicator on the lightning meter indicates a dangerous situation, the Chief Official will immediately stop the competition by giving one long continuous signal until all the participants have moved away from the water and have taken shelter. When the signal is given that the competition has been stopped due to the lightning activity, all participants will immediately take shelter. If an angler is busy playing a fish, he will immediately place the fishing rod back on its peg and take shelter.

After the storm has abated or passed, in other words, the 6 to 12 miles (9.6 to 19.2 kilometers) indicator on the lightning meter indicates that it is safe and normal angling conditions are possible and there is enough time to proceed with the angling – 30 minutes or more – the competition can continue. Two short signals will indicate that the competition can be resumed. When the signal is given that it is safe and the competition can continue, the anglers may leave their shelter and handle his fishing rods again. If there is a fish hooked on his line, he may land it and put it in his holding net.

If the competition cannot continue, the normal signals to indicate the end of a competition will be given two minutes after the restart signal were given.

If the organizer or the chief official regarding this rule is not adhered to, that participant will be requested to leave the terrain immediately and his actions will be reported to the Pro Mania Management Committee for further action. The fish caught by such a participant, will not be taken into account for the competition.

Rule 4.4.2

Stop with regards to lightning after competition time has expired:
If the competition time has expired and the organiser or chief official has not yet indicated that the conditions is safe by giving the lightning safe signal, no angler is allowed to exit his shelter. When the lightning signal is given that it is safe and the end of the competition has been signalled (two minutes later) then the angler must reel in his lines and if there is a fish on his line he can place it in his keep net.

Rule 4.4.3

Lightning and sunset:
If the provision of rule 4.1 that a competition must end before sunset cannot be complied with in the case of the lightning rule, this provision is overruled. The weigh in shall commence as soon as possible after the thunderstorm has passed and the lightning signal has been given irrespective of the time it takes place.

5. Fishing Equipment

Rule 5.1

Regulations with regards to fishing rods:
Participants are not allowed to fish with more than two fishing rods at any one time. Each rod will be equipped with a reel and only two single hooks are allowed to be tied to the trace. If the stipulation of the ordinance regarding fishing equipment is violated the angler will be disqualified immediately.

Rule 5.1.1

Equipped spare rods:
Additional equipped rods are allowed but such rods must be placed behind the angler in a horizontal position on a rod peg not higher than 100 cm (1 meter) with the tips facing away from the water.

Rule 5.2

Prohibited equipment:
No electrical or mechanical equipment that can assist in casting the bait into the water, to indicate a bite or to strike a fish will be allowed during a competition. The usage of electronic and acoustic bite signalling units are not allowed. The usage of remote-controlled and echo scanner devices is forbidden.

Rule 5.2.1

No alarms may be used.

Rule 5.3

Line thickness and records:
As of 1 April 2024 only lines that mic 0.25 may be used in any competition.

Rule 5.3.1

Prohibited lines:
Braid and nanofil may only be used as hook lines. This means not as the mainline, leader, or shaft of a trace.

Rule 5.4

Artificial bait:
No artificial bait is allowed during any competition (also refer to 5.4.6). No object that is manufactured of polystyrene, rubber or sponge is allowed to be placed on the hook line. Only organically digestible food may be used as bait.

Rule 5.4.1

Beads are only allowed on to the shaft line of a trace to protect the knots. No beads are allowed on the hook line.

Rule 5.4.2

Floats may not be used to lift the rig from the bottom.

Rule 5.4.3

Weights must be knotted permanently to a trace line and no throw-away weights (drop off) of any kind will be allowed. It is not allowed to use soluble line to cast any weight into the water.

Rule 5.4.4

Soluble line:
The official may request an angler to remove the feeding bait from the weight to ensure that there is no soluble line or a throw away weight on the fishing line. If the angler refuses, then the penalty will be an immediate disqualification.

Rule 5.4.5

Penalty with regards to 5.4 to 5.4.3:
Anglers that trespasses rule 5.4 to rule 5.4.3 will receive a warning for a first offense of the rules and if it occurs again on the same day during the same competition the angler will be disqualified immediately.

Rule 5.4.6

Other facets:
Equipment tailor-made for other facets may not be used for bank angling, e.g. rockets, cages and “ketties” (also refer to rule 5.4). Anglers that trespasses this rule will receive a warning for a first offence, and if it occurs again on the same day during the same competition, the angler will be disqualified immediately for the day.

Rule 5.5

Line thickness:
When the event takes place at a venue where restrictions with regards to the thickness of lines apply, the restrictions need to be adhered to.

6. Handling Of Fishing Equipment

Rule 6.1

Angling area:
The angling area of an angler extends rectangular with the general water line.

Rule 6.1.1

Casting action:
The casting action is completed as soon as the bait hits the water. For the duration of the cast, the angler is required to stay behind his/her peg.

Rule 6.2

Casting direction:
The angler can cast his bait from any position behind the casting border on the bank inside his angling area. The direction to cast is forward into the water.

Rule 6.3

Cleaning up of angling area:
After a competition the angler will be responsible for the cleaning up of the angling area around him.

Rule 6.4

Play and land of fish:
Competitors must play and land their fish within their angling area as far as possible.

Rule 6.5

Wading into the water:
Competitors are allowed to enter the water to land a fish or to conduct angling related tasks such as the placement of holding nets or to untie angling lines. Competitors are however not allowed to enter deeper than their armpits (Seniors / Ladies / Masters / Amateurs) and hips
(Juniors U/19) into the water and they must remain on their feet. No equipment other than a landing net may be used by the angler to land a fish.

Rule 6.6

No person is allowed to exchange or hand over angling equipment and bait during any competition. No help or the handling of angling equipment from onlooker, team members, and other Pro Mania members are allowed.

7. Fish Conservation

Rule 7.1

Keep nets:
Fish must be kept alive in keep nets which are specifically developed to safeguard fish i.e. the keep net must be specifically made to allow the fish free movement in it and the water must
also have free flow through it. No other system of preserving the caught fish is allowed. If the keep net does not comply with this specification, the relevant fish will not be weighed. During competitions, the keep nets must be placed on a stand or peg to enable the fish to move around
freely. Keep nets must be placed as deep as possible in the water, or submerged along their full length. Under normal circumstances, the keep nets must be placed so that it is visible to the officials and the other anglers.

Rule 7.2

Placement of keep nets:
An angler may place his/her keep nets on any side he/she pleases. Just not within a 5m radius of any other anglers keep net. The keep net must be placed deep enough in the water that more or less 50cm is underwater in order for the fish to move freely.

Rule 7.3

Keep nets must be provided with a water-resistant nametag, which is permanently attached to the keep net.

Rule 7.3.1

Two keep nets:
If an angler takes two keep nets to the weigh-in and the second net does not have a nametag attached to it, the two nets must be tied together. If not, the keep net without the nametag will not be weighed and it will not be taken into consideration for the competition.

Rule 7.3.2

Information on nametags:
The following information must be reflected on the nametag of an angler namely his initials and surname his/her Pro Mania affiliation number.

Rule 7.4

When is a fish landed:
ALL fish must be landed in the water at all times. A fish is regarded as landed when it is in the landing net or under control of the angler. An angler may lift a fish out of the water and place it in his keep net. A fish landed with a landing net may be brought to the bank and placed on an
unhooking mat/trapezium or similar canvas to remove a hook for instance. Any fish brought to the bank and lands on the ground will not be weighed and must be released immediately. If a fish falls out of an angler’s hands into the water and he can catch it again by hand, the fish can be placed in the angler’s keep net.

Rule 7.4.1

Dragging out fish:
Fish may not be dragged out of the water onto the bank. If an angler transgresses this rule, he will be given a warning. If, however, he transgresses this rule for a second time on the same day, his fish will be released into the water and he will be ordered to leave the angling area for the remainder of that angling period.

Rule 7.4.2

Fish in net before casting:
Any fish landed must be placed in the angler’s keep net in the water before he is allowed to cast again. The transgression of this stipulation will lead to the fish being released into the water.

Rule 7.4.3

Landing of a second fish:
When an angler has landed a fish, in other words already in landing net, he may not land a fish with his other rod before the first fish is in his keep net.

Rule 7.5

Handling of fish:
A friendly request is made that anglers who want to release fish at a later stage, do not handle it with their dry hands. The rough handling of live fish is naturally not the behaviour of a nature lover.

Rule 7.6

Smallmouth Yellow Fish:
Smallmouth Yellow Fish must be placed in a separate keep net, at least 450 mm from left to right and 420 mm in depth (AD-HOC rule).

8. Weighable Fish

Rule 8.1

Permissible fish:
All freshwater fish species caught may be weighed-in provided that such fish comply with the legal limitations (ordinance) of the host province. Fish which do not comply with the stipulations of the ordinance will not be weighed. See clause 8.4. NB: Yellow fish is excluded here and is subject to the current applicable Ordinance per Province.

Rule 8.2

Valid catch:
The catching of fish is judged valid if a fish is accidentally hooked outside the mouth. The deliberate foul hooking of fish is however strictly forbidden. If two anglers hook the same fish in the body, the fish will be released.

Rule 8.3

Fish from outside and fish as bait:
No angler will be allowed to bring in any whole fish onto the competition terrain. An angler who has caught a fish during the competition is allowed to cut the fish for bait provided that the fish must comply with the applicable ordinance.

Rule 8.4

Fish controlled by ordinance:
Fish may be caught and placed into a keep net if it complies with the ordinance with regards to length and quantity. If a fish that is too small with regards to the ordinance is found to be in the net, the angler will take it out and release it and the rest of the catch will be weighed. In the event that more than 10 (ten) Smallmouth Yellow Fish is present in an anglers keep net at the weigh in, the penalty would be that all the Smallmouth Yellow Fish must be placed back into the water without them being weighed as part of an anglers catch. Anglers must ensure that there is
not more than ten (10) Smallmouth Yellow Fish in their net at all times during the competition. If one or more Smallmouth Yellow Fish, whether they are the correct size or not, are placed in an anglers net with other species of fish – only those Smallmouth Yellow Fish are released and
not counted as fish or weight together with the anglers catch. The rest of the species of fish are counted and weighed as normal. Bigmouth Yellow Fish must be placed back into the water after catching it and may not be weighed in.

9. Weighing Of Catches

Rule 9.1

Scales: supplying:
Pro Mania and their organisers will provide a scale/s at all times.

Rule 9.1.1

Scale: requirements:
The scales must be in working order and must weigh to the 3rd decimal (5 grams) or to the 2nd decimal if the scale weighs to the nearest 10 grams.

Rule 9.1.2

Scales: handling:
The scales will be used in zones as allocated during the information meeting.

Rule 9.2

Scales: weighing procedure:
The scale reading must be visible to the weighing officials and the relevant competitors. No person apart from weighing officials, the competitors, has the authority to intervene, verbally or in any other way, for claims regarding the weighing.

Rule 9.3

Weighing of fish:
All anglers must have their nets in the water on their stands and the fish must be able to swim freely under water. The competitor, whose catch is being weighed, must preferably be present at the weigh-in to confirm and endorse the weight and quantity of the fish caught and signs the
weigh-in sheet on which the catch is recorded. Once the weigh-in procedure is finished, the fish returned to the water and the score sheet signed, no complaint about the weigh-in will be accepted.

Rule 9.4

End of the angling period:
After the first signal is given to indicate the end of the angling period, the holding net will be considered sealed. The fish in the holding net shall not be handled by any person to count or sort the fish. Only a fish that was struck before the first signal was given and landed afterwards, will be allowed to be placed in the holding net. When the lightning rule is imposed and after the signal has been given, all lines can be removed from the water and the competition has ended. If this rule is trespassed the fish will not be weighed.

10. Points Award

Rule 10.1

Individual placement of an angler per zone

Rule 10.1.1

Points per fish:

All fresh water fish that are caught and comply with the stipulations of the applicable ordinance
as well as these rules shall be weighed and catch points shall be awarded to the angler as

  • Ten (10) points per fish that meets the required length as follow.
  1. Carp (180mm)
  2. Grass Carp (220mm)
  3. Mubby (220)
  4. Barbel (280mm)
  5. Kurper – 150mm
  6. Bass – 200mm
  7. White Fish – 230mm (Coastal)
  8. Yellow Fish – Ordinance per Province
  • Ten (10) Ten (10) points per fish for each fish with a mass of not less than 150 grams where Pro Manias are hosted together with a club competition.
  • Ten (10) points per kilogram for all fish caught.

Smallmouth Yellow Fish

ProvinceAllowed Quantity p/dayMinimum LengthMeasurement method
Gauteng10300mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
North West10205mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
Mpumalanga10300mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
Limpopo10300mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
Free State10450mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
Northern Cape10205mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
Western Cape10205mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.
Eastern Cape10205mmMeasured from the tip of the snout to
the fork of the tail.

Rule 10.1.2

Placement according to catch point:
The angler with the highest catch point is the winner. This will work as per zone, where the winners of each zone will compete for the first place and the system will repeat itself, till every angler is placed from first to last.

Rule 10.1.3

Placement with regards to same catch point:
If two anglers receive the same catch point the quantity of fish will determine the order of precedence. The angler with the highest quantity of fish will be placed in the higher position.

Rule 10.1.4

Placement with regards to same catch point and fish:
If the catch point and the quantity of fish is the same, then the angler with the heaviest bag will be placed in the higher position. If the catch point and the quantity of fish and the bag weight are the same, then both anglers will receive the same competition point and the following position will fall away.

Rule 10.1.5

No fish:
Anglers without a catch or absent members will receive naught as competition points.

Rule 10.2

Team placement on Classics:

Rule 10.2.1

Placement according to total competition points:
The placement of teams is done by adding up the competition points of all team members. The team with the lowest total shall be the winner.

Rule 10.2.2

Placement in case of equal competition points:
If two teams have the same total, the catch point shall determine the order of precedence.

Rule 10.2.3

Placement in case of equal competition points and fish:
If the catch point is the same, then the number of fish will determine the order of precedence. The team with the most fish shall be placed in the higher position.

Rule 10.2.4

Placement in case of equal competition points/fish and mass:
If the fish is also the same, the team with the angler, according to the merit list, who has the highest individual competition point, will be placed in the higher position.

Rule 10.3


Rule 10.3.1

BMT Percentage:
Each angler participating in a competition will be awarded a BMT percentage, depending on where they finished for the day. If an angler does not weigh anything, he will receive a BMT of 0%. BMT-points will be rounded to 3 decimal places.

Rule 10.3.2

BMT Calculation:
A BMT percentage is calculated for each angler by the average of his/her 8 best competitions. The more an angler take part in Pro Mania events, the more chances an angler gets to throw away his weaker competitions.

Rule 10.3.3

The angler’s position on the rankings is determined by his BMT percentage. The angler with the highest BMT percentage will be first on the rankings.

Rule 10.3.4

Draw regarding BMT:
In the case of 2 or more anglers having the same average BMT percentage, the highest ranking will be determined by the highest winnings to date.

Rule 10.3.5

Ranking consideration:
Competition results will only be taken into consideration and indicated on the Pro Mania rankings if the angler is a member of Pro Mania.

Rule 10.3.6

Competition consideration:
All Pro Mania competitions, Classics and certain rounds of the Knockouts will be taken into consideration for the rankings.

Rule 10.3.7

The updated rankings and results will be available within 7 days after the competition.


The 2020 Pro Mania Pairs Classic and Teams Classic will be subjected to Government Covid-19 Regulations.

Rule 11.1


Rule 11.1.1

Team size:
Each team must have 4 members who will be sponsored by the same institution. The sponsor can name a team, but the name of the team must first be approved by the Pro Mania management.

Rule 11.1.2

Team standings:
All competition points earned by team members in all Pro Mania Team Classics are taken into consideration when calculating the team standings for the year. Team standings will be updated and distributed after each Team Classic.

Rule 11.1.3

If a current team member is not able to meet his obligations towards his team because of valid reasons, a new angler will be allowed to join the team. The team must stay unchanged with at least two of the original members for a whole Pro Mania season (January – December) when participating in the Team Classics.

Rule 11.1.4

Obligation of member that left:
The member leaving the team must meet all obligations towards Pro Mania for the remainder of his membership year in order for him to be considered for the Pro Mania Final at the end of the year.

Rule 11.1.5

Ladies/Junior Teams:
Ladies and Junior teams will partake in one division at Team Classics and the teams who qualify will be invited to the Ladies/Junior Team Final accordingly. Ladies and Juniors may enter mixed teams, should they wish to do so, as long as they stay with-in the rules of two members that must be in the team for the entire Pro Mania season.

Rule 11.1.6

Masters/Premier Teams:
All Masters and Premier teams will partake in one division at Team Classics, if the necessary prize money could be obtained. The teams that qualify will be invited to the Masters/Premier Team Final accordingly. Master and Premier anglers may also enter mixed teams, should they wish to do so, as long as they stay with-in the rules of two members that must be in the team
for the entire Pro Mania season.

Rule 11.1.7

Team Final:
The final will be presented the day before the Pro Mania Individual semi-final and will be open to any team to enter.


Rule 12.1

Pro Mania competition entries Entry fees for all Pro Mania competitions will be R220 per pro and premier anglers, excluding gate fees. Of this R100 (one hundred rand) will be allocated towards prize money for that day’s competition, R70 (seventy rand) towards prize money for the final, R40/R50 (fifty rand) as per organizers expenses depending on the non member entries. For the masters, ladies, junior division anglers the entry fees is R110 (excluding gate fees), should they choose not to partake for the prize money. Non-members entry fee will be R150.

All masters, ladies, junior division anglers and visitors (someone that is not a Pro Mania member) must pay a minimum of R110 to compete in a Pro Mania competition. These anglers also have the option to enter for the day’s prize money. If they choose to do so, they will also be obliged to pay the full amount of R220, excluding gate fees. Fees are subject to change and will be carried forward to the new calendar year. All the above mentioned rates are applicable for 2023.

Bookings for all Pro Mania competitions should be made on the For Anglers Website’s Pro Mania application and each weekend’s competitions will close on a Wednesday at 24:00. All entries should be confirmed with the organizer and all entry fees are payable to Pro Mania before 24:00 on a Thursday as confirmation to an angler’s entry. Proof of payment to be send to as well as to the organizer.

Pro Mania Banking Details:
Account Holder: Pro Mania
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Nr: 240330501
Branch Code: 051001
Current Account

Rule 12.2

At the beginning of the year, or when a member joins Pro Mania, he or she can decide in which division they want to partake. You cannot partake in two divisions. The division an angler chooses will be the anglers division for the year. If an angler did not choose to be part of the Pro’s division and the angler finishes inside the Pro’s Top 50 at the end of the year, the angler will not be invited to the Pro’s Final. The angler will be invited to the division the angler chose. This is if the angler makes the cut off point for the nominated division. Anglers have time to change their divisions until the last day of February. No angler will be allowed to move from one division to the other after the month of February.

Rule 12.2.1

Pro Division:
An angler who has participated at a SA National Championship in an A-team for his Province in the last 5 years (2016 – 2020), must join Pro Mania as a Pro in the Pro Division. If an angler is already a member of Pro Mania and does meet above mentioned requirement, the angler should move to the Pro Division immediately. He has no choice.

Rule 12.2.2

Premier Division:
If an angler has finished two times in the Top 15 Premier Final, he must move to the Pro Division in the following year. This angler has then proven himself to be an angler of high quality.

Rule 12.2.3

Masters Division:
Master anglers must be 50 years or older on the final.

Rule 12.2.4

Junior Division:
Junior anglers must be 18 years or younger on the final.

Rule 12.3

Final per division:
Every division will have their own Final. The prize monies will be made up of all the compiled prize monies that every division has compiled for the year.


Rule 13.1

Dividing of prize money The number of anglers will determine the number of prizes and dividing of prize money.

 1 – 20 anglers = 3 Prizes
Division = 50%; 30%; 20%
 21 – 40 anglers = 5 Prizes
Division = 35%; 25%; 20%; 12%; 8%
 41 – 50 anglers + = 10 Prizes
Division = 25%, 18%, 14%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%

Rule 13.2

Payout of prize money:
No individual, whose membership fees or competition entry fees are outstanding, will receive payment of prize money before outstanding fees are not received by Pro Mania. Prize money will be paid the week after the competition and once all the prize winner’s banking details have been received.


Rule 14.1

The winners and identified participants of any competition will be requested to complete a document with information regarding equipment used, dips, bait etc. used during the competition.

Rule 14.2

The winners and identified participants will be requested to supply a photo for publishing on the For Anglers Website and on the Pro Mania Facebook Page. Ensure a photo with your catch is taken if you think you might be a prize winner on the day.


Rule 15.1

Draw of pegs:
There shall be a drawing for pegs before the commencement of a competition, after the water has been pegged. This will be handled by the organizer. All anglers will stay in their vehicles upon arrival and will wait in a cue at the venue. The organizer is not allowed to draw his own peg without the person/s in the first vehicle being witness to it. Only people that drove together in a car are allowed to draw pegs next to each other, not exceeding 3 people and need to move forward to the front of the cue. Double pegs are then drawn, whereas single pegs are drawn last. On Classics or on the Final, only a single peg will be drawn by an angler

Rule 15.2

Peg distances:
The competition water or zones will be pegged with numbers so that each competitor, as in the case of an individual or team competition, will have a number at their disposal. During all Pro Mania events, pegs must be a minimum of 15 meter and a maximum of 25 meters apart.

Rule 15.3

Maximum cap:
The maximum number of Pro Mania anglers that can compete in a normal competition is 50 anglers, but the amount of pegs allocated to a specific competition will be the maximum pegs on that day.

Rule 15.4

Zone sizes:
The zones for each Pro Mania competition (excluding Classics and the Final) will be as follow:
8 – 13 Anglers: 1 Zone
14 – 20 Anglers: 2 Zones
21 – 27 Anglers: 3 Zones
28 – 34 Anglers: 4 Zones
35 – 41 Anglers: 5 Zones
42 – 48 Anglers: 6 Zones
49 – 55 Anglers: 7 Zones
56 – 62 Anglers: 8 Zones
63 – 69 Anglers: 9 Zones
70 – 76 Anglers: 10 Zones
77 – 83 Anglers: 11 Zones
84 – 90 Anglers: 12 Zones
91 – 97 Anglers: 13 Zones

Rule 15.5

Set up:
An angler must set up his or her fishing stand behind the peg.


The 2020 Pro Mania Final will be subjected to Government Covid-19 Regulations.

Rule 16.1

The top 50 pro senior anglers, top 30 master anglers, top 50 premier senior anglers, top 20 lady and top 20 junior anglers on the rankings will be invited to participate in the Pro Mania Final which will take place at the end of the year. The anglers who will compete in the Pro Mania Final will be determined by taking into account each angler’s BMT on the official website ranking. There will be NO sub zones pre-determined for each division and all the anglers of each division will draw for their peg in order of ranking. Anglers whose membership fees are outstanding will not be invited to partake in the Pro Mania Final.

Rule 16.2

If there are any withdrawals after the FINAL list of the invited anglers are confirmed and distributed, no vacant positions will be filled.

Rule 16.3

Team Finals:
On the Friday of the Pro Mania Final, the team finals will take place. This will be open to all teams that want to enter.

Rule 16.4

Semi-Final Day:
All the semi-finals of every division will take place on the Saturday. The elimination round on the Saturday for every division as well as the figure of anglers that proceed to the final will be revised yearly, depending on the growth of the respective divisions.

Rule 16.4.1

Semi-Final proceedings for all divisions:
The day’s fishing will be split into 2 x four hour angling competitions, with a weigh-in session of 60 minutes in between, followed by another weigh-in session after the second competition. NO MOVING OF PEGS WILL TAKE PLACE.

Rule 16.5

Final Day:
The Finals for every division will take place on the Sunday. On the Saturday, the top 15 pro’s and premier anglers, top 10 masters, ladies and junior anglers will advance to partake on the Sunday. If an angler cannot partake on the Sunday, the next angler will have the opportunity to take part in the Final. The masters, premier division, ladies and juniors pegs will be pegged to the left and right of the Pro’s for the Sunday. This will take out the definite role that outside pegs play.

Rule 16.5.1

Final proceedings for all divisions:
The Pro & Premier divisions will move after four hours, 7 pegs to their right. The Masters division will move after four hours, 5 pegs to their right. They will have 60 minutes to move, with a weigh-in session. The ladies and juniors final will be split into 2 x four hour angling competitions, with a weigh-in session of 60 minutes in between, followed by another weigh-in session after the second competition. NO MOVING OF PEGS WILL TAKE PLACE.

Rule 16.6

Point allocation:
The Saturday and Sunday will consist of two separate competitions of four hours each for all the Divisions. A zone position point will be allocated on completion of each four hour competition. The combined point of both competitions will then be utilised to determine the respective zone placements. Hereafter the zone placement and the combined catch point of the two competitions will be utilised to determine the final ranking list.

Rule 16.8

Unforeseen circumstances:
If there arise any problems like severe snags on the Saturday, zones will be accordingly adjusted, depending on the discretion of the Master Official.

Rule 16.9

Prize money divisions:
A fixed amount for the top three prizes on the final will be decided upon, depending on the jackpot for the year. The rest of the prizes will be calculated percentage wise.

Rule 16.10

Venues for Final:
Water levels of dams may affect the final. If the water level of the venue booked for the final is very low 1 month before the final, lower than 50%, Pro Mania will reserve the right to change the dam as well as the venue, even if the venue was fixed months in advance.


Rule 17.1

Maximum cap and bookings:
Due to caps being placed on Pro Mania competitions, depending on the size of the venue, reservations must be made. Reservations must be made with the person which number is placed on the website if you are planning to go to a specific Pro Mania/s. You can only start reserving as soon as a Pro Mania competition/s is/are uploaded onto the For Anglers Pro Mania electronic application. As soon as the cap has been reached for a Pro Mania competition, it will be advertised on the Pro Mania Facebook page and the organizer’s whatsapp group. No entries will then be possible on the For Anglers Pro Mania electronic application. Please note that the only means by booking a peg is on the For Anglers Pro Mania electronic application together with confirming with the organizer via whatsapp.

Rule 17.2

Minimum cap and bookings:
All competition bookings MUST provide a venue large enough for at least 14 anglers, 2 zones with a space of at least 210m – 300m. No competition should be limited to less space than this. Therefore, no farm dam or private dam that does not meet this requirement may be used anymore.

Rule 17.3

Cancellation of bookings:
If a Pro Mania member or guest, who entered for a competition on the For Anglers Pro Mania electronic application and the organizer, has any Covid-19 symptoms before the Pro Mania competition, it is advised that the angler does not attend the competition and withdraw immediately (by cancelling his booking on the application as well as with the organizer). In this instance, his entry fee will be carried over to his/her next competition entry. If a Pro Mania member or guest does not show up at a Pro Mania competition, without cancelling his/her booking or without any reason, the angler will be allocated a 0 BMT % for the competition and will also forfeit his/her entry fee on the day.


Rule 18.1

Ad hoc instructions:
Participants must obey all ad-hoc instructions. Such instructions are only valid if it were discussed and approved on the preceding information meeting and announced before the competition and are not in conflict with any of the other prescribed rules.

Rule 18.2

Power of organisers and officials:
Action taken against anglers who trespasses the rules, lays with any of the organisers and on Classics and the Final with the officials on duty.

Rule 18.3

Lodging of complaints:
Any offence can be brought to the attention of an organiser or official by an angler who is standing next to the offender. The organiser / official shall decide on any action to be taken after he has heard the testimony of the complainant, the offender and from other eyewitness/es. In serious cases the violation must be reported to the Pro Mania management for them to take further disciplinary action.

Rule 18.4

Official complaints:
Official complaints with regards to the day’s fishing must be submitted to the organisers on Pro Mania competitions and officials on Pro Mania Classics and Final in writing before weighing commences. On Classics and the Final, such complaints will be dealt with by the appeal committee before the weigh-in starts. Complaints with regards to the weigh-in may be submitted to the officials in writing after the weigh-in is done. Such omplaints will also be dealt with by the Pro Mania appeal.

Rule 18.5

Appeal against ruling:
If there is any uncertainty about the interpretation of a rule and the decision of the appeal committee is challenged, then a decisive answer can be requested from the executive committee of Pro Mania. Their decision will be final.

Rule 18.6

Know your rules:
All registered members must know and study the content of these rules as described by Pro Mania. Any violation or deviation of these rules on account of ignorance will not be accepted as an apology.

Rule 18.7

In the case of a dispute with regards to fish or when an angler is isqualified (e.g. ignoring lightning rule), the fish must be weighed and documented.


Rule 19.1

Incapacitating substance:
No participant may use any alcoholic drink during a competition or be allowed to participate in a competition when he is under the influence of any narcotics (drugs). Participants who are guilty of this will be immediately disqualified and be banned from the competition terrain.

Rule 19.2

Unacceptable behaviour:
Any other behaviour that is interfering with the general acceptable moral shall not be tolerated. Persons that are guilty of such misconduct can for the duration of the competition be banned from the competition terrain.

Rule 19.3

No loud music is allowed for the duration of the competition.

Rule 19.4

In serious cases, the violation must be reported to the Pro Mania management for them to take further disciplinary action.



All rules will be exactly the same for the Coastal Division as stated above, except:

  1. Minimum Pro Mania members to compete in any Pro Mania competition are 5.
  2. There will only be one (1) division in the Coastal Final for everyone :
    seniors, masters, ladies and juniors.
  3. Twenty (20) anglers will be invited to the Coastal Final.
  4. Two-men teams to enter Team Classics.



The 2020 Pro Mania Knockout-series will be subjected to Government Covid-19 Regulations.

  1. Knockouts will be on invitation only. Invitation will be from the Pro Mania Ranking
    list of the previous year. The following amount of people will be invited for 2020:
    Men (Pro’s, Premier): 64
    Masters: 32
    Ladies: 32
    Juniors: 16
    Coastal: 32
  2. As soon as all the invitations are send out, the remaining spots will be filled on a first
    come, first serve basis.
  3. The Knockouts will be based on a mathematical correct flowchart that will be fair to
    everyone. Before the Knockouts start, the ranking will be finalised and everyone
    participating will receive and keep their ranking till the end.
  4. In case of a withdrawal, the opponent will receive a walkover (Bye). In case of a
    withdrawal before the first round took place, the angler will be replaced by another
    angler, directly in his ranking (Wildcard). The opponent still needs to take part on the
    day for his BMT to be taken in to account.
  5. There will be no refund of an angler’s entry fee once he withdraws.
  6. In the case where both anglers on the peg do not catch any fish to weigh in at the
    end of the day’s competition, both anglers will be knocked out of the competition.
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