Sensation ‘Carp Trend’ Rod with Okuma ‘Carbonite’ Reel

REVIEW: Werner Lubbe | IMAGES AND VIDEO: Jessica de Villiers

Product Review

Over the past few months we were able to review the 12ft Carp Trend rod paired with the Okuma Carbonite 5000 reel, and the 10ft version with the 4000 model reel. 

I fished with both these set-ups on a few outings, and the 12ft version was also featured on casting days – and they both really amazed me. So here are my views:

The Trend rod is priced extremely well and when you look at the price point, you might think that this is an entry level rod – but it isn’t! The 24-ton Carbon certainly has a lot of energy to give. The 10ft version is quite capable of fishing comfortably up to 90 metres, and I must add, also accurately. The softer nature of the action is forgiving which adds to an easier and more comfortable cast. Even a slight timing error on a cast does not return a huge deviation and it feels as if your punch is hitting the spot every time. The softer rod not only makes playing fish more pleasurable, but also enables you to fish smaller hooks. 

What amazed me the most about the 12ft model is the fact that it is right up there with much more expensive counterparts as far as distance casting is concerned. Anglers who I regard as good casters were able to reach the 140m mark casting a M1.5 weight with a ball of groundbait. Personally I managed to get to the 120m mark, and on a regular fishing day I  could without fail constantly hit the 110m clip. 

Technically, the rod specs are: 

As far as the Carbonite reels are concerned, they are great value for money. My first impression was that it looked a bit on the cheap side, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality that Okuma has managed at this price point. The free-spool system is certainly effective and the auto-switch operates smoothly. The single handle is well designed and is actually quite comfortable. You get the feel of confidence in cranking it up. With only two bearings, the operation is remarkably sturdy and you can confidently take on quality fish. The fact that Okuma managed to include infinite anti-reverse into this range is great, and it adds to the sturdiness and easy-fishing feel. 

The line capacity is great at 165m of 0,30mm line on the 4000 and 275m on the 5000. I put on backing and added 200m of 6lbs test on top with no problem. The S-Curve oscillation system enables smooth line-lay and the multi-disc, oiled felt drag system is quite smooth and can handle up to 12kg. Both reels are supplied with a spare spool.

The fighting drag however is quite audible, a bit too much for my liking, but that is just me. If you want to get goosebumps every time your fish turns for a power run, this will do it for you! With clever gear ratio specs (5.0:1 and 4.5:1), both these models will deliver a 79cm retrieve distance per handle turn.

To have a look at the rod in action, check out this video: 

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