Sitting in style with CAMP MASTER!


WORDS: Werner Lubbe | PHOTOS: Jessica de Villiers

When going camping, whether for a weekend or on an extended stay, comfortable chairs always make the outing just so much better. We had a look at two of the great chairs in the Camp Master range.

The DELUXE HARD ARM 700 CHAIR is a super strong, comfortable chair that folds away easily. The detachable back rests provide a high back support when used, but a smaller package when packing – a really practical innovation. It boasts a 120kg weight limit and a stylish carry bag. The rotary cup holder can take a cup, mug and cellphone. The aluminium arm rests are wide and comfortable and the curved profile really makes it an easy and laid back experience. 

The 120kg weight limit makes the Deluxe suitable for the typical South African angler.

Self-levelling feet ensure good footing in uneven surfaces next to the water.
The hinges are neatly pressed and strong, with the frame powder-coated with a high quality finish.
The built-in rotary cup holder that can fold in under the seat also doubles up as a cellphone holder.
The fabric is durable and easy to clean, with padded centres.
The back rest detaches for compact packing.
It is supplied in a neat, practical and durable carry bag.

The ETOSHA HARD ARM CHAIR is really one of those that gives you the ‘lounge feeling’ at the dam. It is large, high, padded, comfortable, practical and stylish. The strong frame can hold 120kg with ease as rated, but surely will be able to carry much more. The chair is wide and also features a strapped lumbar support that folds around the lower part of your back and can be adjusted to perfection. Next to the chair, the cup holder is neatly placed and folds away as well. Spoilt for choice, the incumbent can also place a wine glass in the integrated holder in the covered armrest. The high back boasts a padded headrest and can really help you through those long nights next to the rods waiting for a bite.

The Etosha is a large chair and the 120kg weight limit might be conservative.
Self-levelling feet ensure good footing on uneven surfaces next to the water – and the round profile looks really sexy.
Spoilt for choice, the user has both a standard fold-away cup holder …
… or an integrated wine glass holder in the arm rest.
The armrests are covered with a padded material and gives that luxury ‘lounge feeling’.
A well-designed lumbar support can be adjusted using the wide, high-quality strap and buckles.
The high back is rounded off nicely with a padded headrest.
A durable carry bag is part of the package and the carry strap is very useful for a long walk to your camping spot.
More than enough space for a comfortable fit – no more sweat(r)ing to get the chair back into the carry bag!

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