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The Bass Angler has a new Home at For Anglers

Get all the bassing action on For Anglers.

In the first issue of The Bass Angler, published 8 years ago this year, founding Editor, Eugene Kruger pledged to deliver the premier bass fishing magazine for tips, adventure and more. Nine hundred articles later, we believe we’ve hit the mark, sharing hundreds of invaluable tips, in-depth interviews and some of the hottest techniques, even before they became the next big thing!

That’s why we are proud to announce the next step in The Bass Angler’s evolution, namely from a printed monthly publication onto our For Anglers Digital Platform, the official new home of The Bass Angler. You can expect more of everything, more in-depth venue breakdowns, more exclusive interviews, more hot techniques, adventure bassing, tips, masterclass videos and a lot more. All delivered to your phone, PC or Smart TV in an easy to ready, optimised format with all the same great content from our dedicated team of contributors.

Being a member you ensure that we continue our legacy of producing great stories, fresh insights and the latest video content, which you will have access to wherever you go, anytime, 365 days a year, delivered to the device of your choice, and when you visit us online we’ll also take out all the ads.

We hope you will join us for the next decade of bass fishing entertainment and enjoy our latest content drop. Click here to read it.

Should you have any queries regarding subscriptions, or require any assistance in getting signed up, please do not hesitate to contact Duncan on Tel. 011 979 2766. As easy as that!


Duncan Murfin

Full-time husband, bass fishing addict, writer, traveling foodie and all-round nice guy!