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    11 hours ago

    The new “Short” KD Rig

    The revolutionary KD rig is such a rig and it is better than ever due to a couple of tweaks,…
    2 days ago

    Rather be safe than sorry

    One of the biggest responsibilities us Carp anglers have is looking after our stock - what’s the point in practicing…
    3 days ago

    Rietvlei Dam – Gauteng

    Rietvlei Dam on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria is well known amongst most carp anglers and for very good reason…
    4 days ago

    Big fish from small waters

    It’s a common misconception that only big lakes hold big fish. Numerous small lakes up and down the country holding…
    4 days ago

    Head to Head – Reel Mainlines

    With braid often getting all the headlines as the mainline of choice, the humble monofilament lines are relegated to the…


      6 days ago

      Stalking And Baiting For Inner City Gems at Aqua Paradiso

      A vital tip that should never be ignored is to do a risk assessment of the spot. Can you land…
      2 weeks ago

      My Strategy for Borneo Dam

      Carp love variety, so I opted for some freshly cooked Maize (10kg), 1kg of Tiger Nuts, 6kg of Hemp, 5kg…
      2 weeks ago

      South African Farm Dam MONSTERS!

      Fishing untouched waters on local farms can produce some serious surprises. This Dam holds carp to over 50 pounds!!
      2 weeks ago


      Wild waters are notorious for being more difficult to fish, as you most likely need more time to do a…
      2 weeks ago

      Catching the Highway Urban Carp

      The South African countryside is certainly beautiful. so many of us try to escape the hustle and bustle of the…
      2 weeks ago

      Euro Aqua: The Lake That Keeps on Giving…

      Since my last trip to this amazing carp fishing venue in rural Hungary, Euro Aqua has continuously produced one big…



        2 weeks ago

        Carp growth and age

        Trophy fish are valuable not just because they are so large and impressive to catch, but also because they take…
        3 weeks ago


        Rather a dramatic statement with which to start this month’s column, but nevertheless serves to set a stage from which…
        October 24, 2020

        Our Specimen World – Lessons From Mother Nature

        Aha – you are back! Welcome, please sit down, the kettle has just boiled and the morning mist is lifting…
        September 28, 2020

        If I only knew then, what I know now….

        It was not so long ago that we converted from conventional angling to specimen carp angling, or Advanced Carp Angling…

        Knots & Rigs

          5 days ago

          The Combi-Multi Rig – Korda Style

          Korda keeps innovating and it does not always stay with hooks, swivels, singles or Black and Whites; it inevitably ends…
          1 week ago

          Sinker Sisteme Van Nader Beskou

          IN-LINE SHOCKER – STIFF TUBING Die prentjie spreek vanself, maar weliswaar is hierdie sisteem die in-line wat die verste gooi…
          2 weeks ago

          The “Perfect” D-Rig

          In recent years Korda’s Development team has managed to revolutionise the Terminal Tackle market with some amazing innovative rig ideas…
          September 27, 2020

          Different knots & when to tie them

          One of the most confusing decisions for many anglers to make, and not only for beginners but also for seasoned…
          September 7, 2020

          Dave Levy’s Favourite Big Carp Rigs

          When fishing for big carp, like I do, you must have the utmost confidence in the rigs that you’re using.…
          August 24, 2020

          The Big Rig

          I’ve always been very particular about my rigs, it was hammered into my brain when I started carp fishing and…

          Latest Gear

            6 days ago

            Ridgemonkey in South Africa

            There is a new “monkey” in the South African Carp “jungle” that is changing the way we fish. Ridgemonkey
            3 weeks ago

            Lowrance and the 2020 WCC

            Fish are easier to find and easier to identify with FishReveal, which on a single screen combines the proven performance…
            September 22, 2020

            Head 2 Head – PVA fest

            One of Carp fishing’s iconic essentials, PVA has transformed presentation, feeding and catch rates irreversibly for anglers since its introduction;…
            September 13, 2020

            Head to Head – Bait Rockets, Spods & Spombs

            Having the ability to keep the bait going in can mean the difference between success and merely camping. One of…
            August 22, 2020

            Head to head – Bite Indication

            We put the best bite indication gear in a head to head
            August 21, 2020

            Gear Guide

            Shimano Air-dry & Freezer Bag 5kg Whether it’s for homemade or shop bought boilies, keeping them fresh is important, which…
            August 7, 2020

            Head to Head – Weigh Stations

            No angling session is complete without catching a couple of fish worthy of weighing, and it’ll be “Murphy’s Law” that…
            August 6, 2020

            Gear Guide – 4 Must Haves

            A rod rest is an often overlooked piece of kit, many anglers are left with limp choices or none at…
            July 5, 2020

            Head to Head – Big Pit Reels

            Our long awaited insight into one of specimen’s ultimate tools. The Big Pit Reel opens areas of the water, previously…
            July 4, 2020

            Gift Guide

            Pedestal Tool Holder Combo Complete unhooking and rig making scissors, in a neat holder, with special fitting to attach to…
            June 25, 2020

            The Daiwa Cross Cast Reels – Tackle & Gear

            The Daiwa Crosscast Carp 5000 now boasts a few improvements like a 15kg Quick Drag, digigear, airbail, twistbuster, infinite anti-reserve,…
            June 25, 2020

            Head To Head – Throwing Sticks

            A throwback to waters where distances are just too small for a boat and you are casting your baits in,…


            Readers Rights

              3 weeks ago

              Readers Rigs

              May 12, 2020

              Our Readers Rights (Readers Catches)

              On these pages we feature successful hook-ups made by our ever-increasing number of Specimen Carp Anglers in both local and…
              March 22, 2020

              Our Readers Catches March/April 2020

              MARIETTE NIGRINI KWAGGAHOEK DAM I would love to have my wife, Mariette in the magazine because I think she is…
              January 1, 2020

              Our Readers Rights (Readers Catches) – Jan / Feb 2020

              We feature successful hook-ups made by our ever-increasing number of Specimen Carp Anglers in both local and foreign waters.
              June 17, 2019

              Our Readers Rights (Readers Catches) – July / August 2019

              DENIQUE LOCHNER, KWAGGASHOEKDAM Wat ‘n voorreg was dit nie gewees nie, naamlik om diè potbelly te kon vang! Kwaggashoekdam het…


                2 weeks ago

                Venue Highlight – Hartbeespoort Dam

                It’s known to be a great Carp Fishing destination because of the large numbers of Carp of up to 22kg…
                August 17, 2020

                Syndicate Big Carping – A Way Forward

                Spring is a time for renewal, the start of new growth, and this September is no different with the emergence…
                July 11, 2020

                Kom ons gaan oewerhengel! Deel 4

                “In hierdie reeks artikels hengel 11 keer Protea hengelaar Neville Foord by verskeie bekende oewers waar kompeterende hengelaars gereeld meeding…
                June 22, 2020

                My Favorite Swim – Emmarentia Dam

                When requested to write about my favourite swim at first I didn’t have a specific swim in mind, but after…
                June 20, 2020

                Homestead Dam- how a mix evolved

                Over the last couple of years I have been fishing and testing recipes at waters very close to home. Homestead…
                June 13, 2020

                My Favourite Swim – Hartbeespoort Dam

                It’s a short drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The access roads are all tarred and getting to the water is…
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