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    2 days ago

    Did you know you can read “back issues” online?

    Check out the latest addition! Issue 11 – May/June 2016 For more back issues, click on: Carp AnglerMagazines Or follow…
    3 days ago

    BoaTman May Month “Madness” | WIN WIN WIN

    Anyone who purchases a Boatman Boat between 1st and 31st May. Your boat's Serial Number will be your automatic ticket,…
    4 days ago

    Double Up Angling – Retailer Focus | For Anglers Live – Ep 13

    By Double Up Angling in Van Der Hoffweg, Hermanstad spesialiseer in Oewerhengel en het veral 'n baie groot verskeidenheid dips,…
    1 week ago


    Most anglers plan their sessions weeks in advance, and the venues they have in mind are most often those that…


      4 weeks ago


      BIANCA OLIVIER, a mother of two, a true lover of Specimen Carp Fishing and a successful businesswoman.
      4 weeks ago

      Gilbert Foxcroft goes Feeder Fishing! | For Anglers Live – Ep 10

      We all associate Gilbert with the specimen carp angling facet. On the 9th of April 2021, Gilbert gave another facet,…
      April 6, 2021

      The Carpy Trifecta!

      Whenever a new syndicate is announced it’s a really big deal for our local scene. I mean think about it…
      March 12, 2021


      We anglers tend to strive towards overcoming the unknown, and few venues tend to be more so than Hartbeespoortdam.
      March 4, 2021

      Alpine Giants In The Alps

      My quest for giants has taken me worldwide, and I turned my attentions towards the Alps of Europe. One of…
      March 1, 2021

      The Hunt for BIG CARP

      In South Africa Specimen carp fishing has rapidly expanded over the past 10 years. Conditions have changed and venues with…



        March 2, 2021


        Welcome to our second sojourn into multi-week publishing! While we retain our covers to provide a glamorous window into, and…
        February 26, 2021

        AQUA PARADISO – More than we bargained for.

        qua is one of those venues that I will go back to no matter how many times I blank...plain and…
        February 16, 2021

        “Less is more – a focused approach to session preparation!”

        The modern human has a propensity to seek gratification through overindulgence and often that is vested in a: “gluttony tendency”…
        February 9, 2021

        The Resources Exist…. Use them!

        For those who haven’t picked it up yet, Carp are the needle, and the venues we fish are the haystack.…

        Knots & Rigs

          April 9, 2021

          How to tie a blow back rig | The KingFisher

          Gilbert Foxcroft shows us how to tie the old-fashioned blow back rig with a unique snowman presentation.
          March 25, 2021

          Roodekoppies Specimen Angling | For Anglers Live Ep 5

          Insightful tips from Gilbert Foxcroft during the Roodekoppies Weekend Clinic that took place on 26 to 28 February 2021.
          March 14, 2021

          The Scorpion Rig – South African-style!

          Since I started fishing as young boy, I was making rigs that I thought must work. Needless to say, they…
          March 9, 2021

          Beyond The Obvious – Rigs & Proper Hook Holds

          The aim when rig tying is to have a good hook hold, often with the lower bottom lip, or in…
          February 19, 2021

          Underwater Findings

          Specimen anglers are very much split over the issue of using a marker float, but it’s of paramount importance to…
          February 17, 2021

          Big Hook Rigs | The rig mechanic

          You've all seen the chod rig before, that I'm pretty sure of, well, this is a variation of it that…

          Latest Gear

            February 28, 2021

            Head to Head – Reel Mainlines

            With braid often getting all the headlines as the mainline of choice, the humble monofilament lines are relegated to the…
            December 27, 2020

            Head to head – Bite Indication

            We put the best bite indication gear in a head to head
            December 25, 2020

            REEL Review: Okuma 8k

            Okuma 8K carp reel distributed by Sensational Angling Supplies is real value for money! Here is a review of this…
            November 17, 2020

            Ridgemonkey in South Africa

            There is a new “monkey” in the South African Carp “jungle” that is changing the way we fish. Ridgemonkey
            November 1, 2020

            Lowrance and the 2020 WCC

            Fish are easier to find and easier to identify with FishReveal, which on a single screen combines the proven performance…
            September 22, 2020

            Head 2 Head – PVA fest

            One of Carp fishing’s iconic essentials, PVA has transformed presentation, feeding and catch rates irreversibly for anglers since its introduction;…
            September 13, 2020

            Head to Head – Bait Rockets, Spods & Spombs

            Having the ability to keep the bait going in can mean the difference between success and merely camping. One of…
            August 21, 2020

            Gear Guide

            Shimano Air-dry & Freezer Bag 5kg Whether it’s for homemade or shop bought boilies, keeping them fresh is important, which…
            August 7, 2020

            Head to Head – Weigh Stations

            No angling session is complete without catching a couple of fish worthy of weighing, and it’ll be “Murphy’s Law” that…
            August 6, 2020

            Gear Guide – 4 Must Haves

            A rod rest is an often overlooked piece of kit, many anglers are left with limp choices or none at…
            July 5, 2020

            Head to Head – Big Pit Reels

            Our long awaited insight into one of specimen’s ultimate tools. The Big Pit Reel opens areas of the water, previously…


            Readers Rights

              November 5, 2020

              Readers Rigs

              May 12, 2020

              Our Readers Rights (Readers Catches)

              On these pages we feature successful hook-ups made by our ever-increasing number of Specimen Carp Anglers in both local and…
              March 22, 2020

              Our Readers Catches March/April 2020

              MARIETTE NIGRINI KWAGGAHOEK DAM I would love to have my wife, Mariette in the magazine because I think she is…
              January 1, 2020

              Our Readers Rights (Readers Catches) – Jan / Feb 2020

              We feature successful hook-ups made by our ever-increasing number of Specimen Carp Anglers in both local and foreign waters.
              June 17, 2019

              Our Readers Rights (Readers Catches) – July / August 2019

              DENIQUE LOCHNER, KWAGGASHOEKDAM Wat ‘n voorreg was dit nie gewees nie, naamlik om diè potbelly te kon vang! Kwaggashoekdam het…


                February 18, 2021

                LOSKOP VALLEY CARP

                On the outskirts of Mpumalanga lies the beautiful wilderness of Loskop Dam and its surrounding bushveld. Who knew it had…
                February 8, 2021

                Rietvlei Dam – Gauteng

                Rietvlei Dam on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria is well known amongst most carp anglers and for very good reason…
                February 4, 2021


                Every now and then you get presented with an opportunity that you need to grab with both hands. In January…
                January 25, 2021

                The beautiful carp of Buffelspoort dam

                In the heart of Northwest province lies a jewel of a dam – Buffelspoort. For a long time it was…
                January 18, 2021

                ‘The Pond’ at Fun Fishing

                Situated on the outskirts of Alberton on the road to Lenasia, the “Fun Fishing” angling resort within the Rietvlei Zoo…
                January 9, 2021

                Weather conditions change

                The same fish which were previously tearing up the dam bed come in, selectively feeding between brief spells of heads…
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