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The Famous Spinner Rig

Words and Images: Gilbert Foxcroft

The Spinner Rig is known by many names, such as the Ronnie, German and Turbo German, but for the purpose of this article, I will stick with the Spinner Rig.

This rig is considered the most popular all-rounder on the circuit right now, and with so many carp falling to its aggressive hooking ability I decided to cover it in this issue, especially with winter on the doorstep. I prefer this rig for most of my fishing these days due to the many bait applications and the amazing hook holds it generates. Tying this rig is also very easy, provided you have the correct items at hand to get the job done.

Tools Required:
Korda Boom 25lb, Spinner Swivel, 0.6 Krimps, Krimping Tool, Korda Medium Kicker, Micro Ring Swivel or Micro Rig Swivel, Hook Bead, Korda Kamakura Krank or Wide Gape Size 4, Korda Floss, Korda Floss Cap, Pop-Up and Wafter or Tiger Nut hook bait.

Cut a 20cm length of Korda Boom 25lb and krimp a loop on the one end and krimp a Spinner Swivel on the other end.
Now take the Kamakura Krank or Wide Gape hook and first slide a medium kicker over the hook, followed by the Micro Ring swivel or Micro rig swivel and then the hook bead.
The next step in the construction phase is to attach the spinner swivel to the hook, slide the kicker over the eye of the hook and over the swivel as indicated in the image.
Lastly, cut a 5cm length of floss, thread it through the micro ring swivel and hold both ends of the floss together at equal length. Select your preferred hook bait whether pop-up or wafter and push the fine baiting needle through the centre of the bait, with a floss cap pushed into the bait and the baiting needle through its centre. Pull it through the bait floss, leave about 1cm of floss sticking out the bait and cut the rest away, only with the 1cm revealed.
Take a lighter (preferably a cigar lighter) and burn the tag end until it makes a blob tight to the floss cap. By lightly dabbing the side of the lighter onto the blob, it flattens the blob and secures the bait for a neat presentation.

The Spinner Rig works well with almost any lead system, but it is preferred with the famous helicopter lead set-up.
The rig is almost guaranteed not to tangle and due to the stiff boom, the rig is assured to kick away from the lead leaving a desirable and effective bait presentation.
When Neil Spooner from Korda UK visited South Africa to visit tackle shops with me, after a great Seminar in Germiston, we fished one night on Aqua Paradiso and one night on Donaldson Bottom Lake. We managed no fewer than seven fish topped with a 24lb Common and finished the session with a well-deserved 33lb 09oz common, cast to some showing fish.
I also had great results over the past 6 months with this rig and can recommend it in areas of gravel, clay, sand, silt and weed. This is truly a very versatile rig and worth giving it a go.

 *Readers are invited to provide their feedback on their captures made using the rigs in this series. It is most important, however, that the rig used looks exactly like the images in the articles, as there is a very specific reason for the way it looks like it looks.

 Let the big fish run…