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WORDS & IMAGES: Gerhard Guse

Penn have recently released the sixth generation of their iconic Spinfisher range that is known worldwide for being ‘the toughest kid on the block’!

I’ve been using the 8500-size test model for just more than 12 months and having caught a good number of pretty decent fish on it, I just had to buy myself another 8500 size as well as its ‘little’ big brother, the 6500. After putting them through their paces Eastern Cape style, I can honestly say that they are an improvement on the older model in just about every department.

I have checked the following features: the reels have perfect line lay and with a chamfered spool lip cast even better than the previous models; the reel body is lighter and a lot more compact , but retains its large line capacity; CNC gearing makes for a very smooth feel as well as loads of cranking power, and with some pretty decent cosmetics it also looks highly attractive.

Here are product specific details about the Spinfisher 6 range that is available in a wide range of sizes, which will cover most, if not all, saltwater applications.

The 2500/3500 size reel (10lb to 20lb braid) is ideal for estuary fishing and for light lure fishing;

The 4500/5500 size (15lb to 30lb braid) is ideal for spinning for larger game fish species (Kingfish, Garrick, Kob etc) off the shore, as well as for light offshore spinning;

The 6500 size (30lb to 40lb braid) is the perfect size for a light /medium surf outfit, ideal for all edibles and medium sized non-edibles. Loaded with 50lb braid this reel can also double as a heavy shore-based spinning reel when targeting bigger fish such as GT’s and large Kob;

The 7500/8500 size (50lb – 65lb braid) is tailormade for our South African style of shore-based shark and flatfish angling. Robust, with a huge max drag and awesome cranking power, the IPX5 sealed body offers some real protection when making those deep wades on our Eastern Cape beaches.

The 9500/10500 sizes (80lb to 100lb braid) are the battle tanks of the range. With huge line capacity, massive drag systems and serious cranking power, these babies are the perfect tools for guys wanting to target those monster fish often encountered in places like the

Transkei and the Natal coast during the sardine run. These reels are perfect for droning, kiting and swimbaits, namely for those anglers who prefer fishing with braid. The reels can also be used offshore for trolling for big pelagics as well as throwing large poppers for tuna and big GT’s.

I use my two 8500’s on Venom Madusa XL rods for targeting all types of non-edibles as well as larger edibles such as Cracker etc. Both are filled with approximately 550m of 50lb Whiplash backing and topped off with 55lb Black Velvet and 65lb Whiplash Blaze respectively.

My 6500 is filled with 300m of 50lb Whiplash and 40lb Black Velvet top shot (300m). I pair this reel with my 15ft Venom Anaconda and is perfect for all my edible fishing, as well as medium sized sharks and rays. With this outfit you can however still be confident of landing that fish of a lifetime that very often grabs a bait intended for something smaller. I own a lot of reels (way too many according to my wife!) but I find myself grabbing my Spinfisher VI reels just about every time I go for a throw!