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K. Boat fishing at Harties

K. Boat fishing at Harties

It was early August and the Carp were stocking up seriously which prompted us to pay a visit to the…
Dinokeng Se Kurpers!

Dinokeng Se Kurpers!

Een van die waardevolle dinge wat my pa ons geleer het is die kuns van kurperhengel. Van die regte diepte,…
A day full of surprises on the Vaal river

A day full of surprises on the Vaal river

The Vaal River is truly a fly fishing heaven with so many different fish species available to catch – barbell,…
Ballistic bonito trace

Ballistic bonito trace

Tight Lines is the first publication to reveal the up to now top secret Ballistic Bonito Trace, an improvement on…
Gespikkelde Knorhaan

Gespikkelde Knorhaan

Ek vir Morné Botha van Knysna inkatrol om sy ervaring oor getymeer en strandhengel aanvullend met my eie kennis te…
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