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Venue Highlight – Roodekoppies Dam

By: Eugene Kruger, MBG Media

Roodekoppies Dam is one of those true South African Carp fishing venues where you can catch amazing carp while being surrounded by wild African bushveld.

Situated some 20km from Brits it is an extremely popular venue amongst anglers of all sorts, and has hosted some of the largest carp tournaments in South Africa. Large schools of carp well over 10kg are in abundance and there are rumours of 18kg to 20kg fish that have been caught by locals in the area a few years ago.

The dam is located on the Crocodile River that flows out of Hartbeespoort Dam; it was built in 1986 to serve as an irrigation dam for the many farms and local communities around it. It is more than 1500 hectares in extent with its deepest point at 25 meters. Along its shores are several decent fishing banks and resorts, the oldest being the ex-Northern Transvaal Grounds that is now managed by Loutjie Louwies and known as Roodekoppies Hengeloord. Other resorts include Dennekruin, Roodekoppies Waterwese and Emanzini Fishing Resort.

Not only is this dam home to some amazing common and mirror carp but is also the home of some pretty big crocodiles. Just like Harties, Roodekoppies also suffers from a water hyacinth infestation but thanks to a collective effort from farmers and resort owners this problem is well managed and does not really affect the fishing

Like any large wild water venue the most important tactic is to locate any showing fish. At Roodekoppies the fish are normally very easy to find. Just look out over the water and within minutes the chances are good that you will see a few crashing in the distance. Most of the angling banks have a very gradual slope and it sometimes takes some time and effort to find the good underwater features. A good place to look for is around 5.5m and 8m depth in the river bed just before the silt. In most areas (excluding Dennekruin) you will probably find that depth at around 100 and 200 meters out, depending where you are. Dennekruin and Emanzini are situated in the narrower river section of the dam and have some great river features to fish to.

Baiting tactics at Roodekoppies is normally straight forward and once you can get the schools of fish onto your feeding area you can be in for non-stop action sometimes lasting days on end. A good mixture of Tigernuts, Maize and Hemp is a winner. Don’t be shy to feed large quantities once the bites start coming. Another great tactic is to add some snails that are found all along the bank into your feed mixture. A hookbait that has worked really well is a single Tigernut topped with a bright fake maize. Good flavours for hookbaits are Almond Supreme from Super Cast, and Almond and Grenadilla Twist from Conoflex.


Roodekoppies is not considered a very safe venue in terms of crime. There have been a few incidents at various banks around the dam and resort owners are introducing more and more security measures to protect anglers visiting their shores. Always be alert when fishing at Roodekoppies and also be on the look out for crocodiles, particularly when fishing at night and when out on the boat. Be particularly cautious when wading! Remember to have your camera ready at dawn and sunset to capture some of the most amazing African scenes you will ever see.

Roodekoppies Waterwese:
072 743 3568
083 234 4135

Roodekoppies Hengeloord:
082 704 6629

Dennekruin Hengeloord:
082 820 3095

Emanzini Hengeloord:
083 755 4440

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