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World Carp Classic South Africa Qualifier 2019

By Eugene Kruger

After a 5 year break from the World Carp Classic the time came for South Africa to get back on the World Carp Classic qualifier circuit. Early in April 2019 the WCCSA Qualifier was held at Roodekoppies Dam in North West where 25 of the best Carp Fishing teams competed for the top spot and a place in South African Specimen team who will represent South Africa
and take on the world in France in September.

The Event was held on a stretch of of the dam that has never been fished before. This piece of land forms part of the Roodekoppies Nature Reserve and has been out of bounds for most of the dam’s existence. Until now that is! The WCCSA organizers obtained permission after heavy negotiations with the Parks Board and Water Affairs. Once the permission was gained the bank was cleaned and swims were cut into the overgrowth to accommodate 25 teams.

After a very high energy peg draw and opening ceremony dinner, the teams were allowed to head out to their swims. What made this event so special was the fact that none of the teams have had any prior experience on this part of the dam and no one knew what to expect. All the swims were littered with dead trees and water grass. This was wild water fishing at its very best. Another big playing factor was the Blue Algae that laid thick on the bank. Once the teams were set up on their pegs it was up to them to create paths though this unpleasant sludge in which to move in and out of the water. Waders played a vital role in this year’s event. 

Erik Potgieter with the first fish of 11.9kg.

As the whistle blew on the first morning it was just a matter of minutes before the first fish was called in. Eric Potgieter from Team Specimen Style was first to weigh in a fish, and this fish set the bar pretty high at 11.9kg. The first day saw a few incredible fish being landed including some beautiful mirrors. Both Karpioene teams were off the mark early on and started weighing in fish from the get go. On day 2 we had a call for a big fish on peg 8. It was the gents from team Carpy AF who had landed a monster 12.64kg common in the bay which bumped them into first place. This would turn out to the place on the leaderboard to defend throughout the tournament. 

Darryl Thompson from Carpy AF with a nice common.

In typical Roodekoppies fashion there were fish being caught left right and centre throughout the days and nights. Fish of every shape and size imaginable. On day 4 in the heat of midday we had a call that Team Jurassic had just broken the biggest fish record. They had managed to catch a pristine 13kg common. This fish held the biggest fish title only for a few hours. At sunset there was another call and this time Morne du Plessis had managed to bag himself a 13.45kg Common in the bay as well. 

Geoffrey Marais from Bearded Anglers had this stunning 13kg common on the last day.

On the final day we had another 13kg common from the Bearded Anglers, which bumped them up a few spots but it was still Carpy AF in the lead. While all the teams fought hard there was one team who crept up the rankings without much notice. The Carpenters on Peg 14 came up with a different strategy on how to catch a really big fish going into the final evening. It was all or nothing at this point. They had put their deep sea fish finding skills to practice and went out in search of just one monster. After a long search they located 3 big fish cruising almost on the opposite side of the dam. They quickly mouse trapped a rig in amongst them and headed back to shore. Within minutes their alarms roared off and they knew this was one of those fish. They had managed to catch a 13.76kg Common on the final night and stole the lead from Carpy AF.

The biggest fish of the tournament caught by the Carpenters’ Michael Steyn on the final night. The fish weighed in at 13.76kg

The top 6 final results were: 

  1. The Carpenters 
  2. Carpy AF
  3. The Bearded Anglers 
  1. Urban Angler Zone winners – Karpioene 2
  2. Ridgemonkey Zone winners – Jurassic Carp
  3. Sonik Zone winners – Karpioene 1
The 3 Zone winners and Top 3.
Team Jurassic with their 13kg fish caught on the final day.

Next year the event promises to be bigger and better, keep an eye on the WCCSA Facebook page for registrations for 2020

If you think you have what it takes to beat the best in SA then make sure not to miss this event in April 2020